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In an ideal world, having your own private GP with whom you can book an appointment and be seen within a day, who knows you and understands your family and can refer you on to specialist services within hours would be incredibly reassuring for allaying your health concerns. 
As a private GP in Windsor, Dr Usha Sharma can provide all of this and more. Consultations can be online or in person 

GP service 

Accessible and personal medical care 
GP Consultations for acute and chronic conditions 
Private prescriptions 
Blood tests 
Sickness certificates 
Referral to specialists 


Comprehensive health checks 
Developmental check for children 
Healthy lifestyle advice 
Anxiety and mental wellbeing support 
Signposting to further support 

Women’s healthcare 

Hormonal imbalances 
Contraception advice 
Menopause/Perimenopause tests and advice 
Osteoporosis and Osteopenia tests and advice 
Sexual health tests and advice 
Comprehensive health check including breast screening and cervical smear test 

Men’s Healthcare 

Comprehensive health check including PSA and testosterone blood tests 
Sexual health test and advice 
Contraception advice 

Children and Adolescents 

Development check for children 
Immunisations including Chickenpox vaccination 
Nutrition and healthy lifestyle assessment 
Mental wellbeing and medication support 

Travel Advice 

Travel health advice 
Bespoke first aid travel pack 
COVID-19 PCR test for Fit to Fly with certificate 

Dr Usha Sharma’s Private GP service is ideal for a: 

personal approach to your health 
comprehensive GP service 
quick appointment time 
timely referrals to specialists 
bespoke travel advice 
women’s health 
convenient pay as you go service for privately funded patients and those whose medical insurance covers general practice appointments 
Dr Sharma has practiced as a GP since 1990 and provides a comprehensive service for families and individuals in Windsor and further afield from the BMI Princess Margaret Hospital 

What types of patients are seen? 

There is a huge diversity in her patient base. Some are UK residents who have lived overseas and have appreciated having a private GP service. The Windsor area has a large expat community drawn from all over the world by work opportunities and again, they value the convenience and flexibility of a private GP. Some new patients come for the first time when they aren’t able to get an appointment or health resolution at their usual NHS GP. 

Perfect for the whole family 

Through her thriving practice, Dr Sharma has treated generations of the same families and word of mouth recommendations from happy patients have confirmed her reputation as the keystone in long-term family health. 

How do I book? 

Call the office on 01753 854 200 
Book an appointment at a convenient time 
New patients are booked for 30 minutes 
Well-being checks are booked for 45-60 minutes 
Follow up appointments are booked for 15 minutes 
Payment is made when you receive an invoice from us by email after your appointment. 
If you’d like to take a more personal approach to your health with a private GP consultation, get in touch with the clinic on 01753 854 200. 

About Dr Usha Sharma  

About Dr Usha Sharma  

Graduating from Kings College Hospital London in 1984, Dr Sharma became a full time General Practitioner in 1990. 

Book An Appointment  

Book An Appointment  

Simply book your first appointment to start your journey to better health with Dr Sharma’s private GP service. 

What We Do   

What We Do  

The clinic provides a comprehensive GP service in the comfort of a private hospital 

Online Consultations  

Online Consultations  

Online appointments are available during usual consulting times. Office hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 
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