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What we do 

A General Practice service 

The clinic provides a comprehensive GP service in the comfort of a private hospital, where you’ll be met by friendly reception staff. Any standard appointments, health screens, blood tests and referrals can be provided here, along with vaccinations and travel advice. The recently refurbished BMI Princess Margaret Hospital offers a high standard of customer service. 

The benefits of a private hospital base 

By being based in the BMI Princess Margaret Hospital, there is access to specialist treatment through Dr Sharma’s longstanding working relationships with other consultants in the hospital. While there are no guarantees on immediate appointments, issues can be dealt with in a timely fashion. Blood tests can be done immediately, getting patients quickly on the road to diagnosis and recovery. Follow up appointments can be coordinated for ease of timing and a smooth service. 

A holistic approach to health 

Analysing lifestyle factors alongside a functional medicine approach means Dr Sharma can look at symptoms holistically to get a better understanding of a patient’s health issues. Dr Sharma seeks to help her patients understand their own health and how to manage it, reducing their anxiety around illness and improving their long-term general health. 
For a convenient GP service tailored to your needs, call the clinic for a first appointment on 01753 854200. 

GP service 

Dr Sharma’s first love is looking after the health of families. Her very first patients still rely on her as their family GP. Seeing three generations of the same family is testament to the strong relationships she builds with her patients. 
With a specialist interest in paediatrics and vaccinations, Dr Sharma treats many expat families and can follow the schedule of vaccinations expected for those returning to their home country in a few years. This allows synchronisation with their expected national roster of immunizations. UK vaccinations can be administered in conjunction to meet health standards in both their home country and here. 
As you would expect from a general practice, the services include 
general health checks 
health screening 
blood testing 
Preventive screenings can assess and reduce your risk for diseases and conditions. A full medical history will be taken to assess likely indicative factors. 
Whether you require a general assessment or want to address a specific health concern, get a private GP appointment with Dr Sharma by calling 01753 854200. 


General wellbeing services start with comprehensive health checks for men, women and children. 
Development and health checks for children are individual to their needs. Dr Sharma seeks to reassure both parents and children in her treatment process – navigating anxiety around health, supporting the family and signposting where necessary. There is no tick-box approach. With her years of experience, Dr Sharma can gauge the impact a health concern has on her patient and their family and tailors her approach accordingly. 
Employment medical checks are carried out for patients who need to verify their health as required before starting a new role in certain industries and occupations. 
For senior executives with busy jobs, stress can take a toll on health and wellbeing. A consultation with Dr Sharma can put physical ailments into perspective in the context of lifestyle, providing an opportunity to take responsibility for a healthier future. Take control back by tackling health problems sooner rather than later, with a private GP appointment and expert advice from Dr Sharma. Referrals can be made for follow up screenings and a preventative approach. 
For all your health needs, a private GP is a convenient and quick to respond service. Call the clinic on 01753 854200. 

Women’s Health 

Hormonal imbalances, contraception and menopause advice along with signposting for fertility services are all covered by Dr Sharma. With years of experience, Dr Sharma takes a holistic approach with consideration for family medical history as an indicator of potential issues. By treating up to three generations of the same family, Dr Sharma can take a lifetime view from puberty through to post menopause and put background risks into context. 
Hormonal imbalances in women can have many health repercussions throughout a patient’s lifetime. Having an understanding of how to rebalance the hormones can ease the transition from puberty onwards. 
With a keen interest in bioidentical hormones, Dr Sharma takes a blended approach to treating menopause symptoms. Following her own in-depth research, Dr Sharma can prescribe pharmaceutically licensed bespoke hormone therapy treatments and advise on bio-identical hormone replacement treatment. 
For a comprehensive service and peace of mind, Dr Sharma has excellent experience of treating hormone imbalances. Give the clinic a call to book your appointment. 

Travel Advice 

Alongside health advice on travel, Dr Sharma can provide a bespoke first aid pack of antibiotics, fluid replenishment, bowel care and urinary tract care. The pack will be tailored for your travel itinerary. 
Dr Sharma can also provide a COVID-19 PCR test for Fit to Fly with certificate 
Standard and specialist vaccinations can be offered for travel further afield. Make sure you book an appointment in advance, as some vaccinations need more than one course. 
The clinic offers visa application health checks for those travelling from the UK. 
Dr Sharma can advise on what health precautions you can take into consideration before travelling, paving the way for a stress-free journey. 
Add a private consultation with Dr Sharma to your travel ‘to do’ list for complete peace of mind. 

Mens Healthcare 

Comprehensive health check including PSA and testosterone blood tests 
Sexual health test and advice 
Contraception advice 

Children & Adolescent 

Development check for children 
Immunisations including Chickenpox vaccination 
Nutrition and healthy lifestyle assessment 
Mental wellbeing and medication support 
If you’d like to take a more personal approach to your health with a private GP consultation, get in touch with the clinic on 01753 854 200. 

About Dr Usha Sharma  

About Dr Usha Sharma  

Graduating from Kings College Hospital London in 1984, Dr Sharma became a full time General Practitioner in 1990. 

Book An Appointment  

Book An Appointment  

Simply book your first appointment to start your journey to better health with Dr Sharma’s private GP service. 

What We Do   

What We Do  

The clinic provides a comprehensive GP service in the comfort of a private hospital 

Online Consultations  

Online Consultations  

Online appointments are available during usual consulting times. Office hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 
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